How to Undelete USB Files?

  • Capable enough to undelete various file types from removable USB flash drive
  • Able to undelete major brands of USB drive such as Kingston, SanDisk, Transcend
  • Easy to use application that helps to recover deleted or USB files with ease
  • Undeletes files from USB drives on both Windows and Mac computers

Undelete Files from Portable or Removable USB drive

USB drives are more preferred over any other external hard drives because of their portability nature. It is a well-known fact that, USB drives are used to transfer data easily from one computer to another which has made USB storage devices popular among worldwide users. Also the storage capacity of USB drives is very much appreciated by the users as it has come is up with 128 GB memory space or even more because of which user can store huge amount of data on it including Office files, spreadsheets, EXE files, RAR files, media files, program files and more. But one disadvantage of using an USB drive is that, if a file is deleted either accidentally or purposely from your removable USB drive then it can’t be retrieved from Recycle Bin/Mac Trash.

Thus it becomes necessary to make a backup for the files present in USB drive. But suppose you forget to create a backup for those files then you will have to lose all your data from the USB drive. This is obviously a threatening situation for those who have stored all their official documents or important work files in their USBs. However, now there is nothing to worry about deleted file recovery from USB drive as there is a solution for this uninvited problem. It’s easy to restore deleted USB files by using the best and most reliable recovery software known as Undelete USB application. So, you can make use of the best features of Undelete USB software to know how to recover deleted USB files that are deleted from your USB due to abrupt pulling out of USB drive, transfer error, improper shutdown, etc.

Why only Undelete USB software?

Undelete USB is recommended by majority of industry experts around the globe as this tool has got many advanced features to retrieve deleted files from USB drive. By using this most efficient recovery app, you can easily and effectively perform deleted USB file recovery within couple of minutes. This software has efficient, simple and clean recovery process using which recovery of deleted files can be accomplished with just few mouse clicks. It perform read only operation and therefore it will not make any changes to the existing file that needs to be recovered from USB drive. Thus Undelete USB application also assures data security which is mostly required for a user.

This tool requires only nominal disk space for its installation purpose and thus it saves a lot of hard disk space of a system. This software is useful especially when you want to know how to recover deleted USB files on Macintosh operating system as it supports recovery of data from almost all the versions of Macintosh such as Mac OS X, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks and Yosemite. Let’s look at some testimonials which are related to Undelete USB tool. You can read more about how to undelete Mac files by visiting given link: ""

Testimonials related to Undelete USB

How files stored on USB device gets deleted?

Data loss or deletion in USBs is a common problem in these days. You may also be facing the same situation of losing USB files. So, let us see the possible causes for data loss from USB drive

  • File Transfer Abortion - You may lose files stored on USB drive if the process of file transferring is interrupted i.e., while the data is being transferred from USB flash drive to some other device, if the transfer process becomes incomplete or if it gets interrupted then the files can be lost. You can visit to enhance your knowledge about this fact.
  • Accidental Formatting - Due to unintentional formatting of a USB flash drive or due to carelessness if someone formats USB drive then the files on USB will be deleted. Even intentionally formatting the USB drive without data backup can leads to entire data deletion from it.
  • Unplugging USB Drive- Unplugging USB flash drive when the files are being transferred can lead to deletion of USB files. If USB drive is disconnected from computer while processing its data, then there are chances that you may lose files from it.
  • Anti-virus Scan: USB drive is called as portable drive, and because of its portability nature, it is more prone to virus attack. Once if it gets affected by virus, then you may run anti-virus app to avoid loss of files or corruption of USB drive. But even, anti-virus scan can lead to deletion of files from USB drive.

Unintentional deletion, use of unreliable third party apps, mishandling, interfacing to multiple storage systems, old drive, bad sectors, file system corruption, errors while changing file system, etc., are the other major causes for file loss or deletion from USB drive. However, by making use of this deleted USB file recovery tool, you can get an idea how to recover deleted USB files from USB drive. Well, so far we saw why to use this tool and how undelete USB files. Now let’s pay attention to some of the best features of Undelete USB software.

Features of Undelete USB Software:

  • This USB deleted file recovery tool can undelete USB memory stick files, USB pen drive, USB external hard drive, USB thumb drive and many other types of USB drives with few simple mouse clicks.
  • This tool can undelete files from formatted USB drive by un-formatting the drive with ease.
  • It has capability to get back files of different file formats like media files (JPG, MP3, AVI, MOV, M4A, PNG, BMP, WAV, MP4, M4V, PSD, AIF, etc.), documents (DOC, DOCX), spreadsheets, compressed files (Zip, RAR), program files, and more.
  • Using this highly ranked application, you can perform deleted file recovery from USB flash drive on popular versions of Windows as well as Mac computers.
  • This tool also facilitates you to undelete USB partition on both Windows and Mac computers.
  • It allow you to recover deleted USB files from different brands of USB drives like SanDisk, Sony, Toshiba, Corsair, Lexar, Kingston, Moser Baer, Transcend, A-Data, HP, etc.
  • Using this software, you can even undelete files USB flash drive of different brands like SanDisk, Sony, Lexar, Verbatim, Panasonic, Kingston, Transcend, etc.
  • Other than deleted USB file recovery, it can also be utilized to restore files from various storage devices like hard drive, memory stick, iPods, SD cards, external hard disk, etc.

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Steps to use Undelete USB software:

Undelete files from USB drive or hard drive by following the steps given below

Step 1: Download and run Undelete USB application in your healthy computer. Connect your USB pen drive or thumb drive to the system. On installing the tool, you will be able to see a main screen that will contain some options among which you just have to click on "Recover Photos" option.

Undelete USB - Recover Photos

Figure 1: Recover Files

Step 2: Now, from the screen you need to select "Recover Deleted Photos" option to recover deleted USB files. Then, you need to choose your USB drive from which you need to recover files, and then click on "Next" arrow button to initialize scanning process.

Undelete USB - Select USB Drive

Figure 2: Select USB Drive

Step 3: After scanning the entire USB drive the software gives out a list of recovered files. You just have to do previewing of those files to determine the efficiency of software by using "Preview" option.

Undelete USB - Preview Recovered Files

Figure 3: Preview Recovered Files

Step 4: After previewing, if you feel that performance of software is satisfactory then you can buy it. Later you can activate the tool and continue recovering deleted files by using "Save Recover Session" option.